ELDOA 1 Is Coming To H3

Are you ready to learn the technique that is sweeping the health and fitness industry?  Do you want to open a new revenue stream for your business, help clients get out of pain and promote longevity or just learn how to care for your own body?  If you said yes to any of these, now is the time to take action.  The introductory ELDOA class – ELDOA 1 is coming to H3 in Fort Lauderdale January 23-24, 2016.

ELDOA Is Now 6 Levels

The ELDOA Program has been reformatted into 6 levels in a stand-alone certification, separate from Guy Voyer’s Soma Training and Osteopathy programs.  ELDOA 1 is a two-day course, the focus of which is the basic foundation. Topics include: Complexity, Tensegrity Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy, The History of the ELDOA,  How Guy Voyer organized the material and his educational paradigm of complexity, “Learn By Doing” and of course the five foundational ELDOA exercises that every practitioner, client and human being should know.

This course is the base for all the other levels in the ELDOA Program.

Other topics that will be discussed in the two-day seminar include:  What is a Spine?, Mobility vs. Stability, Origins of the Spine, Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spinal Segments and, most importantly, the Philosophy of the ELDOA

ELDOA 1 Is For Everyone

The ELDOA 1 course is for everyone – clients, trainers, massage therapists, coaches, golf and movement instructors, wellness and athletic directors. The course was designed so that any person, regardless of their background or current occupation, could enroll in the course and after two days have a basic understanding of the spine and spinal biomechanics and feel confident applying the classic ELDOA exercises properly.  “You Are Your Own Best Therapist,” Guy Voyer.

Sign Up Now

Click the link below to sign up through Eventbrite.  Or, save the Eventbrite fees by sending a check postmarked by December 31 for $499 to:

Hellman Holistic Health
3020 NE 32 Avenue, 319
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. 

If postmarked after December 31st, the fee is $599.

I Want To Change My Life

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