A New Name—and a Renewed Focus

By Dan Hellman

I spent much of my time over the last two years working to rehabilitate a major professional athlete. It was rewarding work, and I learned a lot that I can apply to all my clients and patients. But it also took me away from my Fort Lauderdale studio and the everyday work I love: helping all kinds of people be fit and healthy.

With my athlete client now healthy once again, I have recommitted myself to my Fort Lauderdale practice with the same vigor and enthusiasm I had when I began. I decided to reflect this rebirth with a new name that reflects my philosophy that building a healthy life requires attention to three things: proper exercise, proper diet and a way to manage stress.

The name I chose is H3 by Dan Hellman. I had been using the name H3 interchangeably with Hellman Holistic Health, but I decided that it was best to commit to one name. I included “by Dan Hellman” as part of the brand because I want everyone to know that this is more than a business. This is my personal commitment built around my philosophy, my study and my professional experience.

I am as committed as ever to incorporating into my practice the best things I have learned as a student and instructor at the C.H.E.K Institute and as a student and now collaborator of the great French osteopath Guy VOYER. I combine this knowledge with my own experience as a physical therapist, Soma therapist and trainer, golfer and golf-fitness professional.

H3 is one of only seven institutions in the world that are authorized to offer certificates in Soma training and Soma therapy, and we will continue to host those courses for therapists, trainers and other fitness professionals.

Most of all, I am as committed as ever to anyone who walks through my door, whether they are professional athletes, weekend athletes, stay-at-home moms, kids or seniors. My approach has always been to fit my skills to the needs of the each person, not to fit each person into a pre-set program.

So H3 it is, with the same care, pride and commitment to your health that you have always known.

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  1. Great message, but shouldn’t the last sentence state…H3bydanhellman?