The VOYER Experience

By Dan Hellman

Guy VOYER will be at H3 in Fort Lauderdale May 10-12 to teach a course in myofascial stretching. And since Guy has had such a profound effect on my life, I thought I would share some thoughts on the experience of learning from him. I have chosen the word “experience” deliberately, because Guy is a marvelous teacher and an irrepressible personality who fills a room with his energy, his enthusiasm and his extraordinary insights.

New Depths of Knowledge

As I said in my last blog post, I have done three cadaver dissections in my life, and when I met VOYER and heard him speak, I became disappointed with my education.  I thought I had already learned about the body as an interconnected whole, but VOYER took me to new depths of knowledge. He taught me about the body’s fasciae, and the critical nature of bones, glands, organs, muscles and connective tissue that are “in link” with each other. I would venture to say that there is no one in the world who understands the fascia and the role of the fascia better than he does.

VOYER has a teaching style all his own. He uses a hands-on methodology in which everyone learns by doing. He believes American education falls short because too often we are “spoon fed.”  He challenges his students to think for themselves. In my own experience, it was not until I had taken several therapy classes with him and was flying home that I actually started to see the body in 3D—not  in two dimensions like in a text book.

A Relaxed, Hands-on Learning Experience

His classes are relaxed and fun, and infused with his sense of humor, which can range from wry to raucous. He has some outrageously funny sayings, like, “A “muscle is a stupid piece of meat. Stupider than that is hard to find.” He takes delight in poking good-natured fun at the students, and he thoroughly enjoys getting poked back.

But all of this fun and humor, natural though it may be, is a vehicle for teaching.  He is deadly serious, and he goes to great lengths to explain everything completely so that everyone can understand. He gives detail and uses analogy, examples, and whatever is necessary to get the entire concept across. No one goes away from his class with gaps or doubts.

Guy Voyer instructs students at H3 by Dan Hellman
Guy VOYER uses hands-on teaching methods and has an energetic, personal teaching style. H3 by Dan Hellman is one of seven centers in the world authorized to give
certification training in his groundbreaking methodologies.

The Hardest-Working Man I Know

VOYER is the hardest-working man I have ever met. When you witness all of his energy and enthusiasm over three days in the classroom, it’s hard to imagine that he has probably just completed one-to-three days of treating patients—usually 18 patients a day in 45-minute sessions. He teaches all around the world, traveling to a different location every week, and patients travel many miles to see him. He never seems to tire.  I think he truly lives and works his passion, which is the human body–and, of course, helping people get the most out of the body they have. He also likes to remind people, “You are your own best therapist,” and he will give you some tools and understanding to help you be your own therapist.

Extraordinary Therapeutic Tools

H3 by Dan Hellman, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of only seven centers in the world authorized to give certification training in VOYER’s methodologies. We call our center The VOYER School. I am honored to host him for these training sessions and to call him my friend and mentor. Any physical therapist, sports trainer, chiropractor, massage therapist or other professional will gain extraordinary therapeutic tools in these courses. Your practice will never be the same, and your patients and clients will thank you.

Check out the the course offerings. As I mentioned at the beginning, we are offering Myofascial Stretching May 10-12. We follow with Pumping of the Lower Limb November 22-24. Sign up for the knowledge and skills you will gain. And sign up for the VOYER Experience. You will never forget it.

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