ELDOA 3/4 Is Coming. Learn the Full Range.

By Dan Hellman

Anyone who wants to learn the full range of ELDOA should plan to be in Fort Lauderdale October 11-13, 2019. That’s when Guy VOYER, D.O., will be teaching his extremely popular ELDOA 3/4 Course.

What is ELDOA 3/4?

ELDOA 3/4 is more than just a follow-on to the ELDOA 1/2 course in the Soma Training program.

It provides a whole new level of understanding of the way ELDOA works, and you will acquire skills that will extend and deepen any therapist’s or trainer’s ability to treat and prevent injuries.

ELDOA 3/4 simply delves deeper and gets very specific. For example, you will learn all the ELDOA postures designed for pathologies that affect specific parts of the body. Back pain provides an excellent example. Statistically, we know that 80% of the population suffers from back pain, but all back pain is not alike. Back pain is a broad term encompassing many forms of pain resulting from any number of different spinal pathologies. We must approach each symptom and each pathology as a unique problem, but then we need the proper tool for the job. That’s where ELDOA 3/4 comes in. This class will have a laser-like focus targeting those specific pathologies.

ELDOA targets vertebral disc pathologies.

These include pathologies of the vertebral discs such as:

  • A disc that has protruded into the intervertebral foramen and causes sciatica by placing pressure on the nerve.
  • Disc protrusion cruralgia
  • Disc protrusion medial
  • Disc protrusion median
  • Disc protrusion lateral
  • Disc protrusion transversal

VOYER will also teach ELDOA to treat the very common anterolisthesis, which is the slipping forward of one vertebra on another, and retrolisthesis, which is the backward slipping of one vertebra on another. I personally have helped dozens of patients with these two ELDOA movements alone, and I think every physical therapist should have these skills at his or her command.

There’s an ELDOA for the shoulder.

I often hear the statement, “I thought ELDOA was just for the spine.” That is a basic misunderstanding. Sure, the ELDOA method is effective throughout the vertebral column, but it works extremely well for other joints of the body, like the shoulder.

During ELDOA 3/4, you will learn approximately twelve ELDOA postures for the shoulder complex. The shoulder joint is made up of four joints: the scapulothoracic joint, sternoclavicular joint, acromioclavicular joint and the glenohumeral joint.  The only joint that does not have a specific ELDOA is the scapulothoracic joint. All other joints will benefit tremendously from ELDOA.

There’s an ELDOA for the pelvis.

Learning the eight basic ELDOAs for the SI joint is imperative for anyone who has or deals with low-back pain on a daily basis, because the SI joint is inevitably involved in some way. (See my blog post of April 16, “Yes, It Moves! Let’s Demystify the S.I. Joint.”) The pelvis is the foundation of the human body, made up of the sacrum and two ilium bones. The sacrum, of course, is a very spongy type of bone, and ELDOA works efficiently between each of the sacrum’s small spinous process. The joints where the sacrum meets the two ilia create the two SI joints, and it is impossible to have low-back pain without having some sort of dysfunction in the SI joints. ELDOA is the only method I know that effectively corrects that dysfunction.

An ELDOA for the skull?

Yes, there are ELDOA movements for the skull. The skull is made up of several plate-like bones, and connecting those bones are sutures. These sutures are joints, and we know that joints move. They may move imperceptibly, like the SI joint does, but there is no doubt that they move. You will learn six ELDOAs in this class that will help treat craniosacral issues.

Take your practice to the next level.

I liken ELDOA 3/4 to an upper-division college course. If you have taken ELDOA 1/2, you have learned the basic ELDOA skills. Now you can go in depth. I’m happy to answer any questions, by phone (954.566.0585) or by email (info@h3bydan.com). Just get in touch. And if you want to sign up, just go here.

Better Body. Better Life.


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