The H3 Advantage: Fitness Online and On Demand

This week I launched H3TV, a project that I hope will make a real difference in people’s lives as we find new ways to stay fit and healthy. In effect, I am taking my practice online and offering fitness on demand to a broader, international audience, and it’s really exciting.

Oh, I’ll still work with clients out of my studio in Fort Lauderdale, and you can still come see me for $350 an hour if you need to. In fact, I would prefer to see you for any condition that is particularly complex or debilitating. But I am confident that the program I’m offering on H3TV will help you reach most of your goals or solve just about all your specific orthopedic issues or pain. 

Exercise at Home

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the shutdown of gyms and spas and cancellation of sports and other recreational activities. People around the world quickly sought new ways to keep fit and stay active while being forced to restrict their movements. Exercising at home with minimum equipment was one answer, and it may be our preferred means for a long time.

I soon became convinced that people need more: They don’t need an online version of the semi-qualified personal trainer they might find at their gym. They need a way to do some guided programs—to work with an experienced trainer or therapist who can give them fitness programs that were carefully crafted to achieve specific results. They need a variety of programs to choose from at one price. And they need more than just exercise; they need real guidance and reliable advice on developing a holistic approach to good health.

Special Sessions on Zoom

My first initiative to take H3 out to a larger public was through Zoom. I started offering scheduled Zoom sessions to anyone who would sign up for ten dollars a session. The response was overwhelming and really gratifying. People were obviously hungry for this kind of service, and they were happy to have one that was more personal than some of the mass programs being offered by larger companies.

I’ve been doing Zoom classes for a few weeks now, and I really enjoy them. But then I started to think, “Suppose I could offer this same experience to people whenever it’s convenient for them? I could off them fitness on demand. Wouldn’t that be better?”

The Zoom classes have been great, but I need to schedule them at different times to accommodate different time zones and the different competing activities in people’s lives? Someone is always left out. With live sessions, you always ask, “Should I do them in the early morning? What about lunchtime? What about people who are working, even through the pandemic? Or people with kids? And what about people in Europe or India or Australia?”

Pre-recording my routines and offering them online was the answer.

Not Just Another Fitness Program

That’s where H3TV comes in. I have put the heart of my practice online and made it something anyone can afford. In H3 on Demand, I will lead all subscribers through the program they select on any day to achieve the results they want. I thought carefully about this program and consulted with several experts before moving forward with it, because I was determined that H3 On Demand would not become just another generic fitness program. There are plenty of those.

Why is H3TV Different?

H3 on Demand differs from other programs claiming fitness on demand because it gives you different programs that are tailored and targeted to different needs. I want everyone who signs up to feel like they have walked into my studio for a consultation and gotten a program that fits their objectives, their level of fitness and their lifestyle. I want them to know that they can have a program that works with whatever any physical strengths, limitations or vulnerabilities they may have. I want them to feel that they are getting the best I can offer. I know that nothing can replace one-on-one, in-person guidance, but I believe H3 On Demand comes very close.

Better Body. Better Life.

The philosophy that has guided my career and my business is that fitness isn’t just a matter of working out. We need to take a holistic approach to health that combines proper nutrition, rest, breathing, hydration, sleep—and yes, exercise. My motto is “Better Body. Better Life.” But that doesn’t mean you’ll have a better life if you have a better body. It means you shouldn’t focus only on having a strong, attractive body. A better body is one part of a better life.

So I have included an entire segment on holistic health. I call it The Whole You, and it relies heavily on the teaching of my great mentor Paul Chek, particularly his Six Foundational Principles of good health. I am also including interviews I have conducted with some leading experts in the health and fitness fields, ranging from spine surgeon Dr. Richard Guyer to James Nestor, author of Breath: the New Science of a Lost Art, and from kettlebell champion Mike Salemi to sauna expert Brent Meier.

More to Come for Subscribers

H3 on Demand is already a full program, but there is more to come: I’m going to keep adding to it—more expert interviews, more information, and importantly, more programs that combine exercises and movements in specific ways to produce specific results.

Ask me your questions.

Importantly, I’ve included with every subscription a feature that I think will create the personal experience I’m aiming for: personal consultation. Everyone needs to complete these programs properly—to maintain the proper form and work at the proper pace—in order to get the full benefit. I may not be right in the room with you to guide you, but I’ll be available to answer questions by email and, if necessary, to get on a quick video chat or a phone call. I will also conduct a monthly coaching call on Zoom Meeting for all subscribers, where we can share information and updates and discuss progress and problems.

See the full current lineup.

Here is what you’ll find right now on H3TV:

  • A program on General Fitness that includes full routines for strength, flexibility, endurance and definition for people at all levels of fitness.
  • A program on Golf Fitness that gives you the benefits of my proprietary Golf Body Pro program. This program helps you condition the parts of the body most prone to injury in golf—the lower back and pelvis—and learn exercises and postures you need to have a better, more powerful swing. It will also help you train the different parts of your body to work together harmoniously when you play.
  • ELDOA, the most effective program I have ever encountered for back pain and spinal health. It counteracts the effects gravity and compression that cause back and pelvic pain and relieves pressure on joints and nerves. It will help anyone improve their posture and prevent injury and feel better.
  • A program to promote Mobility, which will relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize movement in just 15 minutes a day. This program will help you become more limber and flexible and get you moving in ways you never thought you could.
  • A Targeted Therapy program designed to strengthen and repair specific parts of the body, like the knee, pelvis, neck and rotator cuff and even treat the organs and the glands of the body such as the colon, lungs, kidneys and circulatory system. (In fact, my latest addition is a program to balance the shoulder.) And it will teach you groundbreaking breathing techniques and exercises.
  • Finally, The Whole You will give you holistic lifestyle coaching, so you’ll be able to bring exercise, nutrition, rest and spiritual health together for overall well-being.

Convenient, Affordable and Adaptable

I’ve made H3 On Demand convenient, affordable and adaptable to just about any need or circumstance. Please take a look at the program I’ve put together on H3TV and take your three-day free trial. Then I know you will want to subscribe.

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