We’re Giving Every Golfer What the Tour Pros Have.

I believe the average person should have access to the same high-quality golf training and coaching the Tour pros have. The average golfer can’t dedicate the same amount of time and money as the professionals, but they can get the same kind of instruction the pros get to play better, stay healthy and avoid injury.

That’s what I want to deliver.

Professional-Level Golf Training for Everyone Who Plays

I have spent most of my career training other health and fitness professionals and working with elite athletes in many sports, especially golf. but something has been missing. And it has been a long-time goal of mine to create an educational workshop for the men and women who love golf and play it whenever they can. I want to help the people who play on weekends, holidays and during special golf trips—and on those beautiful days when we can’t resist playing hooky from work and heading out to the course.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had an extremely rewarding career, and I wouldn’t give back an hour of it.  I have traveled to places I never dreamt possible and have gotten to know  amazing people, many of whom remain my friends.  

Working with golf has been particularly rewarding. I have been able to provide fitness instruction and rehab to the likes of Tiger Woods, Patrick Cantlay, Bernhard Langer, Ben Crane, 2022 US Amateur Champion Tyler Straffaci, and many others from high-level seniors to juniors.  I have also shared the techniques I have mastered with some of the country’s top golf instructors at workshops sponsored by the Titleist Performance Institute.

However, my passion for teaching lies with the everyday golf player.  I love the passion and enthusiasm golfers have for the game. In fact, I find that, more than just about any of the athletes I have worked with, golfers will do whatever it takes to get back to playing the game they love. 

The Latest Addition to PHIRE 

I want to help them, and so I have teamed once again with my colleague and good friend Bryce Turner from ELDOA USA to develop PHIRE Golf 1.0, available to anyone who plays golf. PHIRE is Performance Holistic Integrative Rehab Education, an in-person and online program Bryce and I developed to teach professional trainers and therapists the techniques we have used to train and rehabilitate some of the world’s top athletes in golf, baseball, hockey, football and other sports.

PHIRE Golf 1.0 takes this expertise directly to the golfer, with a program designed exclusively for the rigors of golf. It will be a 2-day workshop based on Paul Chek’s success formula.  The success formula consists of: 1. Posture/Flexibility, 2. Stability both static and dynamic, 3. Strength, and 4. Power.  I always say, “Break the success formula and you break the golfer.” This workshop will ensure that golfers understand the formula and can incorporate it into their lives and their game to stay healthy and keep improving their game. 

Learn with Chris Como

One very special thing about PHIRE Golf 1.0: Bryce and I have partnered with the one and only Chris Como, who is ranked the number 2 instructor in the world by Golf Digest and hosts his own show on the Golf Channel called Swing Expedition with Chris Como.  

By the way, Chris has coached some of today’s most outstanding golfers, like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Bryson DeChambeau, Trevor Immelman and Jamie Lovemark.  

Chris fits in perfectly with Bryce and me because we all take a holistic approach to our work whether for coaching, fitness or rehab. We draw from our extensive knowledge of different techniques and methodologies to put together unique programs for a sport or an individual. One size does not fit all.

A Two-Phase Golf Training Program

During PHIRE Golf 1.0, we will dissect the first two phases of the success formula of Posture/Flexibility and Stability.  Once this workshop is complete, you will have step-by-step, follow-along videos addressing these two very important aspects.  In the very near future, we will release PHIRE Golf 2.0 to address strength and power.  

In Person, Remote or Online

The workshop will take place July 8-9 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but you do not need be present to attend.  You can join us live on Zoom from the convenience of your home or you can view on demand at a later date.  All video will be shot in 4K on a white screen for perfect resolution.  The cost of the course is $349, which includes unlimited  access to the videos.  

Bryce , Chris and I hope to see you all for PHIRE Golf 1.0. Click this link to sign up today

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