Dr. Michael Hollis

H3 is fortunate to offer each of our clients the services of Dr. Mike Hollis to develop a well-thought, balanced and unique fitness program. Every individual has a metabolism that is based on lifestyle, biological uniqueness, and specific hormone and metabolic profiling, and Dr. Hollis uses this concept to unveil the unique layers of imbalance within each of us. Lab results, along with Dr. Hollis’s Metabolic Profile and Discovery process, reveal clues to help build a Food-Supplement Program, a Custom IV, and a Metabolic Balancing Program with exercise recommendations just for you.

Dr. Hollis focuses in his practice on optimal health and longevity. The process of detecting underlying cause for any current condition is what makes everyone’s treatment program unique.

Dr. Hollis is a board-certified, licensed naturopathic physician focused on true preventative medicine. He has an extensive background in athletics, metabolic balancing and endocrinology.