Mark Marranzini

Mark Marranzini is a licensed physical therapist assistant with more than 20 years' experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, manual therapy and massage therapy. He is a well-rounded therapist with a bachelor's degree in physical therapy from Broward College.

Mark is experienced working in multiple areas of health care, including physical therapy, massage therapy,  Soma training and Soma therapy. He specializes in providing prescribed therapy for orthopedic conditions including total joint replacement, spinal pathologies, sports medicine and neurological diseases.

Mark has been providing exceptional physical therapy treatment to patients at Broward Health Imperial Point, North Broward Hospital, and Highlite Home Care since 2005.

Previously in his career, he was the owner of Total Orthopedics Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy Fort Lauderdale and a contract massage therapist for Woodfield Country Club and Boca Raton Athletic Club in Palm Beach County and the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort in Broward County.

Mark is studying under renowned French osteopath Guy VOYER to acquire more tools to improve the quality of care and outcomes for his patients and clients. He has developed a passion for VOYER’s detailed knowledge of the human anatomy and functional strengthening through prescribed exercise and manual treatment.

He applies these treatments to people who see him for injury prevention, general fitness and rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning, including high-performance athletes.