Our Story

A Place for People Who Want to Be Fit

And the Professionals Who Care for Them

Don’t just be strong. Be healthy. We have an analytical approach to fitness that starts with the person you are and the life you want for yourself.

H3 is a product of Dan Hellman’s vision to create a way for people of all ages to be fit, happy, healthy and injury-resistant. As a physical therapist educated in an osteopathic environment, Dan is concerned with how the entire body performs and how the different parts of the body work together. He believes that people can be active and happy well into old age with the proper strategies for wellness.

Dan started H3 in 1999 in a public gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In 2004, H3 moved to a beautiful beachside location at The Tides at Bridgeside Square, where it continues to operate today just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, H3 is one of only seven schools in the world affiliated with the Soma Training and Soma Therapy Association (SASA). It is an official training center for Soma Training and Soma Therapy, the revolutionary techniques and treatments developed by Guy VOYER, DO.