“What a great experience, great to be out of pain!!”

— Danny C., Fort Lauderdale

“H3 is advancing exercise therapy in Florida. His methods are unparalleled.”

— Liam Dougherty Springer, St. Louis
Owner, L.D. Springer Coaching and Consultation

“Dan has helped me immensely with my lower back and pelvic pain issues. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I highly recommend them!”

— Kaleen S.

“Dan Hellman and H3 are implementing treatment and rehab for athletes/patients that are 10 years ahead of everyone else! Are you ready and willing to be part of the change…pain relief is on the other side!”

— Dr. Jason Amstutz, Huntington Beach, California
Clinical Director, LINK Medical Center

“Dan is a world-class trainer, physiotherapist and master of human movement and rehabilitation!”

— Michael R. Roesslein, San Diego
Founder of Fire Cream and Partner, Rebel Health Tribe

I want to share with H3 the good news I received this morning. After working out with my H3 coach, Daniel. Today I had an appointment with my doctor to review my quarterly lab results. Since my last visit in July:

1. Cholesterol down 37 points overall and my HDL cholesterol was up 12 points! Most of my blood work/cholesterol was in the good range.
2. Blood Pressure was 109/69. In July, before I started at H3, it was 140/96. The doctor would like me to stop taking my blood pressure medication now!
3. Testosterone was 4100. This blew both my doctor and I away because it is normally right around 400.
4. Weight loss of 26 lbs since July, 34 lbs since January!
5. Highest levels of oxygen in my blood since I started getting my blood work checked seven years ago.
6. Hydration level was the best it has ever been.

The numbers amazed me, especially since I stopped taking all the vitamins and flax seed oil the doctor had recommended. The doctor was very impressed by the numbers and asked me what I had been doing to cause the change. I told him all about my “lifestyle change” and the training I am doing with H3.

Last August, before I met the H3 team, I knew I needed a change in my life. I wasn’t sure what that change would be, I just needed a change. I knew I wanted to work with someone who looked at more than just exercise like the trainers I had worked with at other gyms. H3 has helped me find a new direction in my life, a healthy direction!

— Thom H., Fort Lauderdale

“Dan is the best…..period! If you are tired of having the same reoccurring issues and you have seen “everybody” most likely you have not treated the CAUSE of your issue. Dan will help you get to the cause and help create a program to start FINALLY feeling better! Call him today, you will not regret it.”

— Brandon Wessel, Northbrook, Illinois
Owner, Brandon Wessel Golf and Fitness

“An amazing center to achieve your healthiest and happiest body and mind whether you are a competitive athlete, someone with serious injuries, or simply a person who wants to feel and look better. Also a fantastic learning center for other health practitioners looking to further their education. Compassionate and extremely knowledgeable staff with a combination of certifications and qualifications unlike any others in the state of Florida!”

— Anya A., Siesta Key, Florida

I have been a client of Dan Hellman for the past 12 years. Training under Dan has significantly changed my life for the better. Dan’s programs have helped me learn to eat healthier foods and to lose weight, improve muscle mass as I age, it has helped to reduce emotional and physical stress, and it has helped to reduce tension in my body and become more flexible physically. The quality of my life and relationships has improved dramatically. Dan is a professional in the holistic fitness area and has differentiated himself from others in the field by focusing on the individual’s personal fitness and life goals. Dan evaluates each client’s unique physical abilities and customizes and individualizes a program specific to them. Lastly, Dan is innovative and regularly revises client programs to continually improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I would unequivocally recommend him as a professional in the holistic fitness area.

— Michael C., Wilton Manors, Florida

Dan Hellman is one of the most knowledgeable health experts that I have ever known. Dan is not afraid to look at new ideas including studying under some of the foremost experts in the world. While his education and experience is impressive, Dan continues to learn everyday, bringing his clients the most advanced science in health care possible. His care of each patient is unparalleled. My experience with Dan has made me realize, more than ever, what I need to do with my body to be in the best shape and health possible.

— Christy G., Ft. Lauderdale

“Dan has been an incredible teacher and mentor for me. He’s the first person I ask when I have a question about a client’s case and the first person I send referrals to who are in need of quality care that is well ahead of the curve. If you live in Florida, there should be no one else you even consider for your rehab and training needs. And that statement is no less true even if you live outside of the Southeast!”

— Andrew J., Atlanta