ELDOA is a revolutionary treatment for back pain and back health. H3 by Dan Hellman is one of the world’s top centers for learning and benefiting from ELDOA, and Dan Hellman is one of the world’s most experienced ELDOA trainers and practitioners.

ELDOA is a French acronym for Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretching. It was developed by French osteopath Guy VOYER.

ELDOA consists of more than 100 one-minute posture exercises. There is an ELDOA for virtually every joint in the body from the pelvis to the neck, and it is the only treatment that actually opens space in the joints.

Dan has taught ELDOA to top athletes, trainers from four Major League Baseball teams, and people from all walks of life suffering from back pain and limited movement.

Dan has studied ELDOA directly with Guy VOYER and taught at his side. He calls ELDOA “the magic bullet for back pain,” and considers it his most important tool for ending back and hip pain and maintaining a healthy spine. He incorporates it into the treatment and conditioning programs for his patients and clients.

H3 by Dan Hellman offers ELDOA sessions for groups and classes in ELDOA for physical therapists, athletic trainers and other health professionals. We can also schedule special ELDOA training or practice sessions for groups.



ELDOA Training

ELDOA is a one-minute postural exercise designed to decompress—or give space to—a targeted joint. ELDOA is an integration of a number of rehabilitation philosophies, such as the R. Klapp method, Niederhoffer, the Kabat method, the Brunnstrom Approach, the Bobath concept, the Mezieres method, Piret and Beziers, and Godlieve Struyf-Denis.

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H3 offers regularly scheduled ELDOA classes to the public at our studio in Fort Lauderdale. No sign-up is required, and rates are available for single and multiple sessions. Our weekly classes allow you to decompress your joints and reset your body under the supervision of a certified ELDOA practitioner.

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