ELDOA Group Exercise Class at H3

In-person ELDOA classes at H3 are currently suspended, but we are offering a complete online ELDOA program on H3TV.

Gravity and compression are the villains to the joints of the body. ELDOA is the superhero.

H3 offers regularly scheduled ELDOA classes to the public at our studio in Fort Lauderdale. No sign-up is required, and rates are available for single and multiple sessions. Our weekly classes allow you to decompress your joints and reset your body under the supervision of a certified ELDOA practitioner.

What is ELDOA?
ELDOA is a 1-minute posture exercise that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.  There is an ELDOA for nearly every joint in the body, and the benefits reach far beyond the joints to general wellness.

Today, thanks to consistent results and the uniqueness of its approach, the ELDOA method of exercise has slowly taken its place in high-level sports therapy and training.

ELDOA’s benefits include relief of back pain and neck and shoulder tension, injury recovery and prevention, reduced joint inflammation and arthrosis, improved posture, greater flexibility, improved muscle performance and tone, and improved recovery time for sports and training.

It can even improve digestion, reduce stress, help you have fewer and less-severe headaches and help you sleep better.

“As a physical therapist and someone who has presented and treated patients around the world, I can say confidently that the ELDOA is the greatest tool I have ever placed in my tool box.  There is not a spinal pathology that this technique cannot help.  ELDOA is literally revolutionizing the rehab and fitness profession.”

-- Dan Hellman

ELDOA is an acronym for the French term for Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretching. ELDOA is now used in all major professional sports as well as in many Olympic training camps. ELDOA is quickly gaining prominence among the most accomplished therapists and trainers as an indispensable tool in helping clients and patients.

But don’t be fooled by ELDOA’s seeming simplicity. ELDOA must be taught and supervised for each joint of the body until the techniques are perfected.