Golf Body Pro

Play your best, play injury-free, play for your lifetime.

Golf is the greatest game ever created. With a proper golf fitness program, you can avoid golf injury and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Golf Body Pro®℠ is H3’s unique program for golf performance–helping golfers at all levels play better, avoid injuries and maintain a proper level of fitness for the sport. Each participant receives counseling and fitness strategies—and physical adjustments and conditioning, if necessary—that are customized to his or her body mechanics, history, level of fitness and goals for the sport.

Golf is a physically demanding sport.

Golf is far more physically demanding than many people think. Despite advances in technology that have improved the equipment, golfers still need to rely on the conditioning of their bodies to play a good game. According to the C.H.E.K Institute, a full golf swing places a load on the body that it is equivalent to a weight that you can only lift four times before quitting. And a golfer may do that 60 times or more in one round of golf. So we know that conditioning for golf is different from conditioning for other sports.

Dan Hellman was selected by Golf Digest as one of the
50 Best Golf Fitness Professionals 2017-2018” and one of the “Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainers” for 2019-2020.

Golf Digest 2019-2020 Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers

“My mission is to work with golfers and Golf Professionals to make sure that they enjoy a pain-free, consistent, confident and powerful golf swing. I want that experience to be the rule in our sport, not the exception.”

– Dan Hellman

Like any sport, golf carries the risk of injury, and golf injuries arise most often from faulty body mechanics, inadequate or improper warm-up, or fatigue. Golf Body Pro®℠ takes up where the teaching professional leaves off. It will prepare your body to perform at its peak so you can take full advantage of everything you have learned about the proper swing. Will it help you drive the ball farther? Yes, but it also gives you the means to condition yourself for your golf game, prepare yourself for each trip to the golf course or driving range, and spot problems before they become injuries.

Golf Body Pro®℠ is more than a fitness program. It’s a program that draws on Dan Hellman’s love of golf and his twenty-plus years of experience as a physical therapist and fitness professional.

From a Fusion of Philosophies, a Powerful Approach

Dan Hellman developed H3’s golf-performance programs by drawing on his wealth of experience in fitness, human physiology and the game of golf. They follow Dan’s consistent philosophy of treating the human body as an interconnected whole in which all parts are in harmony. He is a past faculty member of the C.H.E.K. Institute and has studied the human body with renowned French osteopath Guy VOYER, Dr. Gary Gray and others, and he has synthesized what he has learned with the best techniques developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, where he is a frequent presenter. He combines that with knowledge of the sport gained from spending many hours on the golf course with the sport’s legendary teachers, like Bob Toski, Jim McLean and Rick Smith.

Get a comprehensive assessment.

Dan conducts a comprehensive assessment and health history to construct the exact program each golfer’s body needs. So you can stand on the tee box with confidence and enjoy this great game for a long time.