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Dan Hellman now offers online fitness--bringing  the programs he has developed for his clients directly to you, on demand. Choose each day’s activity: general fitness, golf fitness, ELDOA, mobility, targeted therapy or holistic health. Do them on your schedule, at your convenience. Subscribe today to take advantage of exclusive fitness and health content, only available here. Try it out free of charge.

Your subscription gets you:

  • 24/7 access to all programs with one subscription
  • Monthly Zoom call for coaching, updates and Q and A
  • New programs added continually

Just $47 a month or $470 a year after a 3-day free trial

Why H3TV?

Work With the Best.
Dan Hellman has conditioned and rehabilitated some of the world’s top athletes, from golfers like Tiger Woods to standout NHL and NFL players like Jason Demers and Brandon Flowers. He has instructed the athletic trainers from four MLB organizations. And some of the nation’s top orthopedic surgeons consult him for their patients’ pre-op and post-op therapy. For years Dan traveled the globe educating trainers and therapists in the work of Paul Chek and groundbreaking French osteopath Guy Voyer. that is the experience and special focus he brings to online fitness.

Enjoy Tailored and Targeted Programs.
Dan applies his formidable skills to every patient who visits his clinic, from athletes to senior citizens, and he now offers them to you on demand to fit your schedule. Each program is designed to help you meet a specific fitness goal, and they all use the proven techniques Dan has mastered in his career, in special combination. But you don’t have to make an appointment. And you don’t have to pay his customary fee of $350 per hour.

Choose Your Program. When You Want It.
Make Dan Hellman your personal trainer, physical therapist and life coach—when you want him and wherever you are. That's what "on demand" means. H3TV brings you unique programs that Dan has developed to help you achieve specific results. You get access to all these programs when you sign up. Just choose the program you need each day. Each video is shot in 4K for clear visibility.  Combine that with Dan’s world renowned coaching ability and it will feel like Dan is right in your living room giving you personal one-on-one instruction.

Get Personal Expert Support.
Unlike other online fitness programs, you will never be on your own with H3TV. These are serious exercises, and it’s important to do them properly. Dan will be happy to answer your questions as you work through your routine so that you maintain the proper form and work at the proper pace.  In addition, when you sign up for the monthly or yearly plan, you will be able to confer with Dan during a live monthly coaching call on Zoom Meeting.

H3TV Program Lineup

General Fitness

  • Full routines for strength, flexibility, endurance and definition.
  • Minimal or no equipment required.
  • Programs for all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

Golf Fitness

  • Get the benefits of Dan’s proprietary Golf Body Pro program.
  • Condition the parts of the body most prone to injury in golf—the lower back and pelvis.
  • Learn exercises and postures to give you a better, more powerful swing.
  • Train the different parts of your body to work together harmoniously when you play.

ELDOA ~ The Magic Bullet for Back Pain

  • Counteract the effects gravity and compression that cause back and pelvic pain.
  • Relieve pressure on joints and nerves.
  • Improve your posture and prevent injury.
  • Harness the most powerful tool for general wellness and longevity.

"Six years ago I was told my hip was a lost cause and I needed a hip replacement. Good thing I did not listen. Thanks to ELDOA my hip is almost completely pain-free."


  • Relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize movement in just 15 minutes a day.
  • Become more limber and flexible.
  • Move in ways you never thought you could. 

"The hip and mobility sessions I did last night and again at the airport helped out tremendously today as I flew a 6 hour flight without any back or joint issues. So thanks again!"

Targeted Therapy

  • Strengthen and repair specific parts of the body, such as the knee, pelvis, neck and rotator cuff.
  • Treat the organs and the glands of the body such as the colon, lungs, kidneys and circulatory system.
  • Learn groundbreaking breathing techniques and exercises.

The Whole You: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

  • Learn how to bring exercise, nutrition, rest and spiritual health together for overall well-being.
  • Learn about Paul Chek’s Six Foundational Principles of Good Health.
  • Hear from experts in medicine, nutrition, osteopathy, respiration and other fields.

Better Body. Better Life. Get Started.