Personal Training…Tailored to You.

Are you ready for a better life?

Your goal is our priority. H3's dedicated staff has an individualized program for you based on your goal. You might want to lose weight, get stronger, play your sport better, play with your kids or grandkids or just look and feel better. It's up to you. We make it a priority to work within your time constraints and budget to help you reach that goal.  

How we do it: At H3 we use a fusion of philosophies in prescribing exercises for our clients.  Dan Hellman has been learning actively and continually, completing more than 100 professional-level courses since earning his master’s degree in physical therapy, and he draws from this rich experience for all his clients.  His philosophy is that a continuing education course is worth all the time, effort and money spent if he takes home even one clinical pearl that will help him be more effective with his clients. 

Dan’s dedication and contributions to the profession earned him spot as a senior faculty member of the famed C.H.E.K Institute. He also caught the eye of world-renowned Osteopath Guy VOYER, and is now one of his few presenters.  Dan has drawn on his 20-plus years in the profession learning from the masters and training countless numbers of clients to create the program at H3.  

What is the C.H.E.K Institute and why should it matter to you?

The C.H.E.K Institute educates fitness and healthcare professionals in a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to health, fitness and well-being. The institute’s methodology is based on founder Paul Chek’s 30 years helping people from all walks of life stay fit and recover from injuries. Chek’s methods are truly holistic, approaching the body as a system of systems – a fully integrated unit in which physical, hormonal, mental, emotional and spiritual components must work together for a healthy life. Dan Hellman is a past faculty member of the C.H.E.K Institute. He fully embraces this philosophy and applies it to the programs he develops for each person he counsels and supports.