Physical Therapy…Tailored to You.

Are you ready for a better life?

We are experienced physical therapists who can work with you and your physician to help you recover from an injury or illness, adjust to life-changing conditions, or return to normal after surgery. We employ a range of techniques, and we draw from all of them to develop a therapeutic program that is matched to your condition and your objectives. Our first step is to know and understand you. We don’t just treat parts of your body. We are committed to helping you heal as an individual, build or regain as much strength and mobility as possible, and live the life you want to live.

Dan Hellman holds a master’s degree in physical therapy and is one of a very few professionals in the world with a certification from Guy VOYER, DO, in Soma Therapy. The combination of traditional physical therapy, VOYER’s osteopathic techniques and the ability to call on a vast network of very skilled professionals allows Dan to confidently address any physical issue that does not require medication, surgery or other attention by a physician.

The osteopathic techniques Dan uses include Pumping, 2TLS, Fascial Normalization and Adjustment.  Dan treats conditions ranging from back pain and other orthopedic symptoms to more complex cases of pelvic pain and visceral dysfunction. Once the proper therapy is administered, it is important for the patient to embrace one of VOYER’s most famous quotes—“You are your own best therapist”—and to understand the corrective exercise prescribed for each case.

“Guy VOYER’s osteopathic pumping technique is the most effective tool I have ever placed in my therapy tool box.  Most people are not aware of how important it is to normalize liquid in the fascia, which encase every structure in the body, and pumping techniques do just that. It’s an absolute game changer when dealing with orthopedic or visceral dysfunction.”

— Dan Hellman, MSPT