Dan Hellman Again Named One of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainers

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—January 2, 2020—Golf Digest magazine has named Dan Hellman to its list of the Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals in the United States for 2019-2020 for the second time in a row. Hellman was also named to the magazine’s inaugural list in 2017-2018.

Hellman is a physical therapist and holistic health professional who operates H3 by Dan Hellman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has designed and supervised strength, movement, integrated fitness and rehabilitation programs for amateur golfers and some of the top professionals on the PGA tour.

Hellman is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, for which he employs a variety of methodologies based on his analysis of each patient’s condition. He is a certified instructor in the Soma Therapy and Soma Training methodologies developed by renowned French osteopath Guy Voyer, including the ELDOA methodology for treating joint and back pain. H3 is one of only seven centers in the world authorized to offer certification training in these methodologies to therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and other health professionals.

Golf Digest assembled a panel of 10 of the most respected experts in golf fitness to select the top 50 trainers in the United States. “We wanted this list to be about the trainers in the trenches, the ones who can and sometimes do work with tour pros, and can make a 65-year-old with spinal stenosis play and feel better,” says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear.

“I’m grateful for this recognition by my peers, but I am particularly pleased that Golf Digest has made such a strong commitment to the need for fitness in the game,” said Hellman.  “Golf can put a tremendous amount of stress on the human body, and golfers need to learn not just how to condition their bodies, but also how to train themselves in proper movement to avoid injury and get more out of their game. Increased swing speeds and the large amount of repetitive motion in today’s game create serious risks for the golfer’s body, but the risks can be managed with proper training.”

About H3 by Dan Hellman: Now in its 21st year in Fort Lauderdale, H3 by Dan Hellman (www.h3bydan.com) is a product of Dan Hellman’s vision to create a way for people of all ages to be fit, happy, healthy and injury-resistant. It offers personalized programs incorporating exercise and conditioning, rehabilitation, nutrition and stress management, including programs specialized for golf and other sports. It is also offers certification training in the methodologies of Guy Voyer, D.O. It was formerly known as Hellman Holistic Health.