Dan Hellman to Present ELDOA for Golf at PGA Summit and Golf Merchandise Show

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—January 16, 2019— Dan Hellman will give a major presentation on ELDOA for golf at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit on January 21 and the PGA Golf Merchandise Show on January 23, both at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

The subject of the presentation, which he will give with Janet Alexander, is “ELDOA, Lengthen Your Spine to Lengthen Your Career,” at 1:30 pm on each day.

Hellman, who is one of Golf Digest’s “50 Best Golf Fitness Professionals in America” for 2017-2018, has been a committed proponent of the ELDOA method, which was developed by renowned French osteopath Guy Voyer. He recently conducted a three-day training session in ELDOA for the training staffs of four Major League Baseball teams.

“ELDOA is simply the number-one tool in my physical-therapist’s toolbox” says Hellman. “It is highly effective for back pain, flexibility, injury prevention in sports, and recovery after physical activity. Anyone can benefit from learning the different ELDOA techniques.”

ELDOA is a French acronym for Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretching, and it is the only recovery and rehabilitation method that actually opens the joints to counteract joint compression.

“The biggest health risk golfers face is back pain,” says Hellman, “because of the aging of the body and the change in equipment, which allows the gofer to swing the club much faster today than in years past.”

ELDOA is one of several techniques and methodologies Hellman uses in his Golf Body Pro fitness program for golfers, but “it is a critical piece,” he says.

Hellman is the owner of H3 by Dan Hellman, formerly Hellman Holistic Health, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. H3 has offered physical and osteopathic therapy, personal training, and counseling in nutrition and lifestyle management since 2004. It is also one of seven institutions in the world authorized to train and certify professionals in Guy Voyer’s Soma Training and Soma Therapy methodologies.