H3 by Dan Hellman Hosts Specific Proprioception and Awareness Course June 7-9

Valuable continuing education for physical therapists and trainers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—May 29, 2019—H3 by Dan Hellman will host a three-day class on Specific Proprioception and Awareness June 7-9 in Fort Lauderdale.

The class is part of the Soma Training curriculum of H3’s Voyer School, one of only seven centers in the world authorized to offer certification in the Soma Training and Soma Therapy methodologies developed by pioneering French osteopath Guy Voyer. Voyer is the instructor in the class.

Proprioception is very precise work in which a therapist trains a specific ligament, tendon or part of the capsule for each joint. It is effective following a sprain, to treat arthrosis, to recover articular mobility, and even simply to improve coordination, agility and mobility.

Proprioception goes hand in hand with kinesthetic awareness, which is the need to ensure that the brain is connected intimately with any area being treated. The cortex must be trained to become acquainted with and recognize every area of the body so that the body can act instinctively.

“An articulation be trained, a muscle strengthened, or a posture corrected if the brain does not truly know the area being treated,” says physical therapist Dan Hellman, MSPT and owner of H3. “How does a spine remain straight if the feeling of rectitude is skewed, if the brain is only familiar with a distorted spine? A strict methodology involving four progression factors is indispensable for the brain to become truly familiar with the pelvis, the various diaphragms, or the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.”

Proprioception and Awareness are critical skills for physical therapists that allow them to provide a more complete healing or conditioning experience.

“Physical therapists and athletic trainers need to know that if an injured ligament is rehabilitated with general proprioception, you create a bigger gradient between the injured and non-injured ligaments,” says Hellman. “Also, it is important to treat the Barkow Ligament post ankle sprain and perform the proprioception of it and the injured ligament of the ankle. These are among the topics we cover in the course.” 

 “You can’t pick it up on your own or learn by watching,” says Hellman. “You have to study it and learn it in a hands-on teaching environment, which is what we do at H3—and Guy Voyer is an inspirational master teacher.”

Anyone wishing to enroll in or get more information on Specific Proprioception and Awareness June 7-9 in Fort Lauderdale should visit www.h3bydan.com/the-voyer-school/soma-training/or direct inquiries to info@h3bydan.com.

About H3 by Dan Hellman: Now in its 20THyear in Fort Lauderdale, H3 by Dan Hellman (www.h3bydan.com) is a product of Dan Hellman’s vision to create a way for people of all ages to be fit, happy, healthy and injury-resistant. It offers personalized programs incorporating exercise and conditioning, rehabilitation, nutrition and stress management. It is also offers certification training in the methodologies of Guy Voyer, D.O. It was formerly known as Hellman Holistic Health.